Review: Candy’s Boys by Jo Raven

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I am always interested in reading a polyamorous romance, particularly when there is a true triad. This book has that. Hot sex? Got it. Sexy men? Got it. Quirky curvy nerdy heroine? Got it. It’s a really fast-paced, enjoyable read.

Except for one thing.

The whole fangirl meets boys-she-stans and they all fall in love trope was so disappointing. I felt like it really let down what was a really captivating storyline. Joel and Jethro both have an incredible depth of emotion; their friendship is stunning, the way they fit together as a unit is stunning. Finding their unicorn, the woman who will complete their relationship and bring them closer together – that whole process was stunning.

The fangirl aspect was not. I felt it really detracted from the intensity of Candy’s feelings – yes, it set up a very minor conflict toward the end of the book (and thankfully not the conflict I was expecting), but I think this story could be redone without that whole element and be even more satisfying than it already is.

Giving it only 4 stars instead of 5 because I simply did not like the fangirl trope aspect.

💋 Clara

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